Which is the best Indian food to eat at a restaurant in India?

An Indian restaurant in New Delhi has put out a call for customers to give it a go, after a customer ordered a vegetarian meal and didn’t like it.

“This is the third vegetarian meal I’ve ordered from the restaurant, and the third time I have not been able to get the right kind of food,” the unnamed customer wrote in a comment on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

“I am a vegetarian and I like eating food from a vegetarian diet.

I also like to eat vegetarian and dairy free foods, and I’m vegetarian too,” the customer added.

The unnamed customer also wrote that he likes to eat a lot of pulses.

The comment was deleted and a post by the restaurant manager was deleted.

“The person who ordered the vegetarian meal was a vegetarian himself, and he preferred not to have the same thing as a vegetarian,” the restaurant told Quartz.

“Our menu includes vegetarian dishes like curries, pakoras, and chutneys.

We also offer dishes such as vegetarian dosa, pulao, and tamarind soup, and our customers love it.”

The restaurant has also added a menu of non-vegetarian options.

“We also serve vegetarian food to our vegetarian customers,” the manager told Quartz, adding that the vegetarian menu is available at a range of restaurants across the city.

However, this particular vegetarian meal only includes two vegetables and two meat dishes.

“One of the veg items is the pakora (vegetable rice) and the other is the tamarIND,” the Facebook post reads.

The restaurant added that the comment was removed after a few hours, but that the manager is looking into it.

According to the restaurant management, the vegetarian customer was looking for “the kind of vegetarian food that is cooked in a slow cooker, like rotis, rice and beans.

It’s not a fast food restaurant, so it is hard to say if it is the same vegetarian food.”

The manager said that the restaurant would make the vegetarian food available again soon.

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