When are Happy Meals coming to Minecraft?

Happy Meats are coming to MineCraft, the new survival mod by Mojang that lets players craft delicious, simple meals from scraps of meat, dairy, eggs, and fish.

This is good news for fans of the popular mod.

Happy Meates are still not available for download in Minecraft’s current beta, but Mojang has confirmed that they’ll be coming soon.

Mojang says that they have “some awesome ideas for what we could bring to Minecraft” and that they’re “hoping to launch a lot of cool new recipes soon.”

Mojang also says that the game will support a “more immersive” world than Minecraft’s, and that the team is “working hard on how to bring more immersion to Minecraft, and give players more choices and options for cooking.”

They also announced that a community hub will be coming in the coming months.

Happy Meal is a new way to cook in Minecraft, allowing players to create recipes for any animal, from chickens to dogs.

The game also supports cooking with ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetables, and even honey, which will be able to be mixed and combined to create the perfect dish.

Minecraft players will be given the option to “eat up to 8,000,000 calories in 30 seconds,” but if that’s too much for you, Minecraft’s server-side server is capable of reducing that to a few hundred calories per second.

HappyMeats will be available in “a few months,” Mojang said.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson says he thinks the new mod will bring “excitement and delight” to Minecraft players.

“I think Minecraft will be the most popular game ever, and it will be in a world where people will be eating better food,” he told Mashable.

“If you want to make delicious food, you’ll need to do it in Minecraft.”

Happy Meal will be free to download, but it will cost $14.99.

Mojangs plans to add other recipes to the game over time, and they plan to “provide fun, challenging challenges for the player,” according to Mojang.

“We are working hard on adding new recipes and cooking challenges for Minecraft,” Mojangs founder Markus Persson said in a statement.

“The community is going to be amazing!”

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