Popeyes family meals have been canned after customers complain they were contaminated

A popeyes family dinner that was reportedly canned in Ohio was contaminated with ground turkey meal, a company confirmed to Politico on Wednesday.

The company confirmed it has been notified of the contamination, which occurred when customers were preparing the meal.

The food was prepared at a Popeyes franchise in Franklin County, Ohio, where Popeyes is based.

The incident comes amid growing concerns about contamination from Popeyes restaurants across the country.

Popeyes said it has already contacted all affected restaurants to let them know of the issue and is working with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to ensure they have all the necessary information to properly handle the contamination.

The contamination comes after several Popeyes locations in Ohio were shut down by state and federal regulators after reports of contaminated ground turkey.

Popeye’s, however, says it has no evidence that its products have been contaminated.

It said it is taking the situation seriously and is testing every single batch of ground turkey in our food to make sure the turkey is safe.

It has also taken steps to clean up the area around the restaurant and make sure it has not been used as a dumping ground for waste.

In a statement to CNBC, Popeyes Restaurants CEO Bill O’Neill said the company is working closely with state and local authorities to address the situation.

“We have reached out to all of our customers to ensure the safety of our ground turkey, which is a great source of protein,” O’Neil said.

“There are no indications that the contamination occurred at any other Popeyes location in the region.

Popies are a family-owned and operated business with thousands of loyal customers and we take the safety and well-being of our employees very seriously.”

Popeyes, which opened its first restaurant in the United States in 1933, operates some 1,600 locations around the country and is the second largest chicken chain in the country, behind Chick-fil-A.

The chain also offers its ground turkey as a family meal.

Popys ground turkey was sold in many countries, including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and Spain.

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