McDonalds: No Frozen Meals on the Menu

McDonald’s has announced that frozen meals won’t be available on its menu any time soon.

The news comes after the fast food chain announced a plan to end the use of ice cream in its restaurants by the end of 2018.

McDonald’s was already using frozen chicken nuggets and pizza to serve breakfast meals.

However, the company said that frozen breakfast foods like french toast and oatmeal were not on the menu any more.

However, the news will still come as a shock to many people who have long been accustomed to eating the frozen meals that McDonald’s serves at the restaurants.

The company said the decision to no longer serve frozen meals came after “market research and analysis”.

“We are moving from frozen chicken, oatmeal and other breakfast options to an all-natural breakfast menu that has been specially developed to meet our customers’ nutritional needs,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

It is not the first time the fast-food giant has ruled out the use, or even the reintroduction of frozen meals in the future.

The fast food giant is known for its use of frozen chicken as an ingredient in its french toast.

In March, McDonald’s revealed that it was planning to remove the chicken from the menu altogether.

The move was made amid the fallout from the recent US election, which saw President Donald Trump lose the popular vote by more than 3 million votes.

McDonough said in the statement that McDonalds would also continue to work with other companies to develop more healthy, whole-food breakfast options.

“We know that the fast lane is full of choices and the world needs more healthy options,” McDonalds said.

“That’s why we’re always looking to work closely with our suppliers to ensure the freshest and most authentic food, while respecting our customers’.”

This is also why we are taking steps to ensure that frozen food, which is a major part of our breakfast menu, is available in the restaurant to continue serving healthy, tasty food to our customers.

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