Irish meal delivery app ‘perfect for children and families’

More than 1,300 people have downloaded the app and are using it to deliver meals to families at home, it has been revealed.

The app is available in Ireland, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, and is the third-most popular meal delivery service in Ireland.

Users can choose from a menu of over 1,500 recipes, including a number of gluten-free and non-gluten-containing options.

The food delivery app is part of the wider meal delivery network, which also includes the Food, Drink and Fitness app and a line of pre-packaged meal products.

The platform is available free on iOS and Android devices, and it will soon launch in the UK and Germany.

It is available for £1.99 per month on a per-item basis, with an additional charge of £1 per meal per week, or £6.49 per month for a year.

The app also has a £3.99 ‘premium’ version, which offers extra delivery options.

A spokesperson for the app told RTE that it has “over 100,000 registered users” in Ireland and has seen “a huge uptake in family-friendly delivery”.

“This app is an ideal place for families to share their favourite food with their children and get their food delivered to their door,” the spokesperson said.

“We have a vast range of gluten free and non gluten-containing meal products available for the convenience of all families, with a focus on helping children and adults understand the importance of healthy eating.”

A spokesperson from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) said: “This is the first time that the app has been launched in Ireland to help parents deliver meals for their families.

It will be available for use by parents of all ages.”

The spokesperson said the FSA was “very keen to get this app on the market”.

“We are pleased that the company is considering offering its products in Ireland.”

A spokesman for the Irish Government said the Irish Food Standards Association (IFSA) was “actively considering the availability of a meal delivery system in Ireland”.

“The IFSA will be examining the feasibility of introducing a meal package service in the Irish Republic,” he said.

The spokesperson for FSA said the IFSAA would “continue to monitor developments in the food industry and the availability and use of this innovative platform”.

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