Ice age meals for a healthy dinner: Freezing dried meals for kids

Freezing a dried meal before cooking will allow for better preservation and flavor for your kids meals.

Here are a few ways to freeze dried meals.1.

The Ice Age Meal: A quick way to freeze cooked meals is to make a double batch.

In the refrigerator, you’ll freeze the dried meals in an airtight container with ice.

Place them in a plastic bag and freeze for a few days.

The frozen meals will thaw and thaw out easily.2.

Ice-Free Baked Dried Meals: If you don’t have an air tight container, you can also freeze dried meal in a glass container in the freezer.

Fill it with water, seal it tightly, and freeze the meal for at least a few hours.


Ice Cold Dry Meals (Freezing Meals): You can freeze dried food in the refrigerator.

Pour a little bit of water into a container, and pour ice cubes in the center.

Place the ice cubes into the freezer and freeze overnight.

This method works great for frozen dinners, as long as you’re careful not to freeze the foods too quickly.4.

Ice Age Frozen Meal: Freeze frozen meals in a microwave, and put them in an ice cube tray.

Put the tray on top of a bowl of ice.

Pour ice cubes over the bowl, and microwave the frozen food for 30 seconds.

Remove the tray, and repeat for the next batch.

It is best to freeze frozen meals after 3 to 4 days.

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