How to make your own vegan breakfast!

The most common question we get from vegans is how to make their own vegan meal prep.

So, here are my tips for you, if you’re looking to make it yourself.

I’ve put together a list of everything you need to know to make a healthy vegan breakfast, so you can start making the dishes you love now.


Get all the ingredients you need.

Vegan meals are usually low in calories and contain all the nutrients you need, but the only ingredients you’ll need are raw food.

That means it’s essential that you’re cooking the ingredients yourself, so grab a few kitchen tools, some pots, and a good quality oven.

Vegan meal prep should only include the following ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, egg, and water.

You can buy these ingredients online or make your recipes at home with a few simple ingredients and a few bowls.

If you’re making the whole meal at home, you can use your favourite baking mix or vegan cream cheese.

You’ll also need some vegan butter to spread the batter and to keep the pancakes from sticking.

If making the breakfast ahead of time, use a small amount of vegan butter and spread the ingredients evenly in a bowl.

Once you’ve got everything you’ll be able to get started making vegan pancakes.


If your pancake batter is too thick, add a bit of oil to thin it out.

Vegan pancakes can be very greasy, so make sure you add a little extra oil to make the batter thin.

This is a great tip for vegans who prefer to eat a healthier vegan diet.


Add a few chopped nuts to the batter.

If using nuts, you may have to stir them in to thin the batter before adding them.

It’s ok if you do, as long as you make sure they’re mixed in with the other ingredients.


Add in a few cooked beans.

If vegan pancakes are going to be gluten free, they should also be gluten-free, as beans are the star ingredient of most vegan pancake recipes.

If gluten-containing pancakes aren’t on your menu, they can be veganised using an ingredient that’s not gluten-based: soy sauce.

Use soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce for vegan pancakes, or you can also substitute with coconut oil.


Add some chopped spinach or kale to the pancake mixture.

If not, you’ll want to add some spinach or leafy greens to the ingredients in the batter to add a healthy protein to the pancakes.


Make a batch of vegan pancakes and serve with fresh fruit or vegetables.

It will be great with a bowl of fruit or some cooked vegetables.


Check out this vegan pancetta recipe and make vegan pancakes of your own.


Make your own tofu pancakes.

You could even make your pancakes with a tofu mat.


Make vegan egg white pancakes.

This vegan pancaking recipe is really simple and tasty.


Make vegetarian vegan pancakes from scratch.


Try vegan bacon pancakes.

Vegan bacon is the star of vegan pancakas, so it’s perfect for vegan and vegetarian breakfast dishes.


Try a vegan pancaise recipe.


Get some vegan fruit to make vegan fruit smoothies or fruit smoothie mixes.


Try this vegan fruit salad recipe.


Check this vegan pumpkin pie recipe.


Get a nice cup of black tea or green tea for breakfast.


Try one of these vegan black bean muffins.


Try some tofu pancakes with fresh mushrooms.


Try something different with this vegan banana cake recipe.


Try the vegan tofu breakfast recipe.


Check for gluten-filled ingredients in vegan pancakes at the store.


Make some vegan vegan milkshakes.


Make this vegan almond milkshake.


Try these vegan chocolate ice creams.


Try your favourite vegan ice cream at a cafe or shop.


Make and serve vegan breakfast tacos.


Try making vegan tacos in a coffee shop.


Try trying a vegan taco salad with some tofu and fruit.


Try creating your own Vegan Ice Cream at home.


Try cooking your own delicious vegan ice creampuffs.


Make an egg breakfast.


Check if vegan pancakes can even be vegan.


Try adding some fresh herbs to your vegan pancakes to make them a little more tasty.


Try baking a vegan banana bread.


Try taking the recipe for vegan bread to a vegan cafe.


Try ordering vegan coffee at a vegan coffee shop or cafe.


Try using a gluten- free bread or vegan bread as your vegan bread.


Try an egg sandwich or pancakes.


Try vegetarian vegan sandwich with a salad or side of bread.


Try preparing vegan salad with a variety of veggies, like cauliflower or spinach.


Try serving a vegan salad

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