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Diners On Deck is the premium sports podcast that covers all things professional sports and entertainment.

This week, host Mark Schlabach talks with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the league’s new concussion protocol, which he says will prevent players from playing in the preseason.

Goodell says he’s looking for more information from the NFLPA, and he’s hoping for more clarity from the league before he decides whether to sign off on the rule changes.

Goodell said during his meeting with league owners this week that the new rule will not be implemented until the end of the year, so he is open to changing the rule.

Goodell is also hoping for better feedback from the American Football Coaches Association, which has not had much input from NFL players.

The NFLPA has argued that the NFL has been too cautious in regulating the game.

The union wants more transparency from the players, and it wants to see players have more say in league decisions about whether they are allowed to participate in training camps or the preseason, as well as in player development and player contracts.

The league will have until May 11 to make its decision.

Goodell did say the new concussion rule is not going to have a major impact on the preseason game, and the NFL is not planning to change that anytime soon.

The commissioner said he hopes the NFL will eventually get its act together.

Goodell also said the league is working to make sure players are not getting injured, and that he wants to be able to tell them when they’re playing with their hands on their head, so they don’t get hurt.

Goodell will hold a press conference on Thursday to address the concussion rule changes, but he has yet to answer the question of when he will be able return to the sidelines.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is going to hold a conference call today with the NFL Players Association, NFL owners, and players and coaches to discuss the NFL’s new protocol for tackling and concussions, which will help prevent players getting hurt.

He’s also going to sit down with the league, the Players Association and NFL players at the NFL Scouting Combine, where he is scheduled to give a speech.

Here’s a look at the league-wide concussion rule change: The league is trying to get a feel for what the next steps are, and they are hoping to have them by the end (of this week).

We’ve got a couple of weeks left before the season begins, and there is a lot of work to be done before we know what we’re going to do in terms of a final decision on this, and we’ve got to make it happen quickly.

So that’s why we’re holding a press call today.

We’re trying to be as transparent as possible, and if there’s any uncertainty or questions at all about that, I’m just going to ask them to go back to the room, and then we’ll take the next step.

Goodell added that he’s not looking for the league to be overly accommodating to players, but it’s also important to note that the rule change does not affect any of the players who are scheduled to participate.

Goodell told reporters at a news conference earlier this week he would not allow players to get injured if they were to play in the NFL.

“There are going to be no changes to our policy with regard to concussions,” Goodell said.

“I think that’s been the case for a long time.

I think that we’ve always been able to provide the benefit of the doubt.

So it’s just really about getting everybody in the room and having a respectful dialogue.”

The NFL is also keeping its focus on improving the game, not just the health of its players, Goodell said, and is not worried about players who suffer a concussion because they’re a member of an elite football team.

Goodell wants the game to be safe and healthy, and to give players more time to adjust.

But it’s important for them to understand that if they are not healthy and playing the game the right way, there’s a risk that they could get hurt in the process.

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