How to cook an Indian meal moth for a Passover meal

A home delivery meal moth (Daphnia maritimus) can be a very useful tool in cooking Indian meals.

The moth can be cooked for the Passover dinner with a few ingredients, and it can be eaten at home with a family member or a family friend.

Here is how to cook it:1.

Cut the moth in half.

Cut in half lengthwise and make sure the end of the wing has the end cut off.

It should look like a wing.2.

Cut one of the legs, leaving the tail attached.3.

Put it in the crockpot and cook on low for about 4-6 hours, or until it is cooked through and browned.4.

Serve it with your favourite side dish, like a side salad or rice.

It is a good snack.1.

Chop up the wing.

Use a sharp knife or scissors to scrape out the wing and slice it in half, leaving about an inch of the innermost wing attached.2, 3, 4.

Cut up the moth.

Use the same knife or sharp scissors to cut off the inner part of the wings.5.

Put the wing on the plate and mix in a cup of vinegar and a pinch of salt.6.

Serve with a plate of korma.7.

Chop the legs of the moth, making sure they are well separated.

Cut the wings in half with the wing attached, and cut them in half again to make sure they will fit in the bowl.

Use kitchen shears to cut through the wing, as they may not fit perfectly.

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