How the new Diabetic Meal Plan is a game-changer for fans of the Champions League

The Diabetic meal plan, a new initiative by the Serie A club, is a huge win for football fans and supporters alike, according to a survey.

It was launched on Monday as a result of a recent poll that showed more than 90% of Italian fans want to see Diabetics in Serie A.

“This initiative is a new era for football,” Juventus vice-president Giuseppe Faggioli said in a statement.

“It gives us a huge opportunity to give our fans a healthier and more sustainable option, in addition to the fact that it will be a huge boost to the business.”

The plan is similar to the one promoted by Manchester City, which was launched in May.

The new initiative has two goals, according an official statement: “First of all, to improve the health and nutrition of the people and secondly, to make the fans of our club even more interested in the Champions league.”

Diabetics will be able to enjoy the meal plans in all venues, including away fixtures and away away away matches, and they will be free of charge, making it the first time such a policy has been offered to football fans.

The new plan is aimed at attracting more fans to Juventus, and the new initiative is the biggest move for the Bianconeri in years.

Juventus have enjoyed a great run in Serie B in recent years, but the club are now set to go even further, as they move into the Champions’ League in 2021-22.

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