Can you order a healthy meal directly from the app?

A lot of food has to be cooked and packaged in the same way, which is what the app is all about.

But there are some restrictions, including the fact that it has to come from a restaurant or an authorised takeaway, and that it needs to be served on-demand.

But that doesn’t stop some users from enjoying a tasty meal without the fuss of a restaurant. 

What to expect with the meal box and how to use itRead moreHow to order a meal directly with the appThere are two types of meals: healthy and non-healthy. 

The first type is usually made from scratch, using the whole food and ingredients in one go, and the other is made from whole foods and ingredients that are already in the fridge. 

There are a lot of things you can do to make your own meal box. 

For example, you can make a variety of types of dishes from the recipes listed in the menu, including vegan, gluten-free, rice, vegetarian, and meat-free options. 

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a vegetarian meal, and I’m also going to explain how to add fruit to your meal box so that it tastes like a fresh salad. 

You can also add any kind of vegetables you like to your salad, such as cauliflower, kale, beetroot, broccoli, and cabbage. 

Some people might want to eat a whole meal, but it doesn’t have to be a meal box full of a lot or all of the ingredients that they have in their fridge.

For example, a vegan meal might have a few veggie ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, and beans, or a meat- and dairy-free meal might be a meat and vegetable-free salad.

How to add ingredients to your healthy meal boxIt is easy to add any food to your food box.

You can add ingredients directly to the app, or you can add a menu item to the list of ingredients. 

Here’s how to do that. 

Make a menuIf you have a meal in your fridge, make a list of all of your favourite foods in it and choose a meal to serve on the list. 

Choose your ingredients to addFirst, make sure that you have the ingredients in the app in your list.

If you’ve got no meal in the list, you’ll need to find a place to put the ingredients.

You might choose to put them in the ingredients tray, or in a bag or tin. 

Add the mealIf you’re having a vegetarian or vegan meal, make it look like a salad.

For that, you might add a handful of dried vegetables, cooked lentils or beans, spinach, mushrooms, or any other greens you like. 

Alternatively, you could add a little more of your favorite ingredients to the salad.

Here’s how you add the ingredients to a healthy food box, with a salad and some vegetables: In the menu you can choose to add more ingredients to this salad.

You’ll find the options under the menu item “Add more”. 

Add to the mealYou can add anything to your dish if it’s healthy.

For this example, I added a handful on top of the veggie and a few on top, or if it wasn’t vegan or gluten- free, or something else you like: The veggie is just a little bit of freshness in this example. 

Next, add a few of your vegetables and add some of the salad ingredients.

This example has a little extra dressing and a salad-style salad: I add a bit of dressing here. 

If you want to add some more vegetables to the dish, you have to do so in the salad, which you can also do by choosing a menu option in the top left of the app. 

Pour it over your mealBoxFinally, add the salad to your recipe. 

This example adds a bit more dressing, but still uses the same ingredients as before. 

Mix and match to suitYou can mix and match different kinds of salad, from a salad made with chickpea flour and rice, to a salad with beetroot and cauliflower and vegetables. 

I have a couple of salads in the main menu that have lots of ingredients in them, and you can mix them with different kinds if you’d like.

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