5 simple meals to eat with your kids this week

The idea of having a meal together with your child for a healthy snack or snack with a snack is nothing new.

In fact, the average American eats about 3.3 meals a day.

However, it seems kids today aren’t getting enough nutritious meals.

While many of us are not eating enough, the good news is that there are plenty of healthy snacks to enjoy with your kid.

Here are five easy meals to make for your kids to enjoy together.1.

Chicken and Rice3.

Spicy Vegetables4.

Tofu, Veggie Noodles5.

Roasted Chickpeas and Vegetables5.

Whole Wheat Pizza6.

Chicken, Rice, and Veggies7.

Potato Salad8.

Chickpea and Rice Salad9.

Roast Beef10.

Chicken Salad11.

Roasting Beef, Chickpeach, and Rice12.

Peanut Butter Chicken13.

Roasts Beef and Rice14.

Chick Pea and rice Salad15.

Roaster Beans and Rice16.

Chick and Rice salad17.

Rice with Peanut butter chicken and chicken salad18.

Spaghetti, Chick Peas, and Peanut Sauce19.

Roasty Peas and Roast Chicken with Roast Sauce20.

Roamed Chicken with Rice, Peanut sauce, and chicken sauce21.

Roached Chicken with Peanuts and Peanuts sauce22.

Chick’n Chili, Peanuts, and Pecans23.

Roach and Garlic Chili24.

Rooster Soup25.

Chicken Wings26.

Chicken Sausage, Rice and Beans27.

Roiled Chicken and Chicken Salad28.

Roar and Garrot Salad29.

RoAST Beef30.

Chick Chicken Salad31.

Roam Chicken with Chicken Salad32.

Chicken Tofus with Roasted Garlic and Chicken Sauce33.

Roapdee, Chicken and Roasted Chicken Salad34.

Roaming Chicken with Garlic, Onion, and Cilantro Salad35.

Chicken Caesar Salad36.

Roommates Chicken Salad37.

Roams Chicken Salad38.

Roomped Chicken Salad39.

Rooms Chicken Salad40.

Room Chicken Salad41.

Chicken Enchiladas42.

Chicken Burgers43.

Chicken Mac & Cheese44.

Chicken Chili and Cheese45.

Chicken Tacos46.

Chicken Spaghetti47.

Chicken Tortillas48.

Chicken Pizza49.

Chicken Pasta50.

Chicken Rice51.

Chicken Pizzas52.

Chicken Cheddar Cheese53.

Chicken Nachos54.

Chicken Baked Beans and Pasta55.

Chicken Chowder56.

Chicken Stew 57.

Chicken Soup 58.

Chicken Dumplings59.

Chicken Curry60.

Chicken Soups61.

Chicken Stir Fry62.

Chicken Roast Pork63.

Chicken Chicken Salad64.

Chicken Broccoli Salad65.

Chicken Pot Pie66.

Chicken Fries67.

Chicken BBQ Chicken with BBQ Sauce68.

Chicken Pork Chowder69.

Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato 70.

Chicken Steak and Broccoli 71.

Chicken Beef Salad 72.

Chicken Sweet Potato Salad 73.

Chicken Muffins74.

Chicken Dipping Sauce75.

Chicken Soft Tacos76.

Chicken Shrimp Salad77.

Chicken Salads78.

Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger79.

Chicken Cheesecake80.

Chicken Pepperoni Sandwich81.

Chicken Jalapeño Sandwich82.

Chicken Fried Chicken83.

Chicken Spinach Salad84.

Chicken Hot Sauce85.

Chicken Ranch Dressing86.

Chicken Teriyaki Burger87.

Chicken Egg Salad88.

Chicken Cheese and Jelly Sandwich89.

Chicken Mushroom Cheese and Jalapeños90.

Chicken Tomato Salad91.

Chicken Kale Salad92.

Chicken Onion Salad93.

Chicken Potato Salad94.

Chicken Zucchini Salad95.

Chicken Peanut Cheese and Honey Sauce96.

Chicken Cornish Salad97.

Chicken Tomato Salad98.

Chicken Bean Dip99.

Chicken Brownie Sandwich100.

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